Licensed Electrician Melbourne CBD from RTP Electrical Melbourne

We are registered and licenced Melbourne electricians. All our services are guaranteed- with a compliance certificate issued upon completion. We repair switchboards, replace faulty wiring and fix problems with fittings and safety. Our electrical services extend throughout all commercial premises. From apartment buildings to ulti-level offices, we do it all. We rewire complete buildings or just one floor. If you live in the CBD and need domestic electrical work done, we can provide residential electrical services on short notice.
We can wire a complete office building- from the power to data cabling. Our electrical design service can allow for future growth and expansion of workstations. We are your first choice when you need an electrician to do work in your office or call centre.

Specialised Electricians in Melbourne CBD for Your Industry

We respond to requests for electrical services throughout all industries. If your factory or industrial site uses three-phase power, we can troubleshoot, repair and service industrial grade power systems. We upgrade the three-phase mains power to provide greater amperage at your work place or factory. Avoid costly breakdowns and ensure your industrial power supply meets the needs of your business.

Electrician in Melbourne CBD for Commercial Premises

Our Melbourne electricians can get your power issues sorted quickly, if you run a shop or service business within the CBD. If you sell food and have kitchen appliances which have stopped working due an electrical short, we can repair or replace the wiring, or re-wire the defective appliance. If you have a circuit breaker or safety switch which is tripping, we can isolate the cause and prevent the outbreak of fire. Our electricians work on shop electrics and commercial premises electrical systems every day- so we’re the experts!

Call us on 1300 776 353 for immediate help.

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