RTP ElectricalMounting Options for Commercial Solar Installations.

When you finally decide to move forward with solar for your business, the type of installation is dependent on the space you have available that can harness the most sunlight.

There are 3 types of Mounting for Commercial Solar Installation.

  1. If you have a big roof or roof top space, a Roof Top Solar Installation is the best for your business. It’s the Quickest and easiest to install. It is also the most common type of installation. It can be attached or ballasted or a combination of both. Attached means they are physically secured to your roof. Ballasted means they rely on their own weight to stay in place. As an added benefit, it will also protect your roof from harmful UV rays.
  1. Another great option if you don’t have a big roof space or if your roof space has a lot of obstruction, is the Ground Mounted Installation. As long as you have unused land available, it will also be easy to build and maintain and help you utilize your available space. This system can be sized based on your energy needs and your available space.
  1. The third option is the Solar Carport installation. This type of solar installation is increasingly growing popular for those who do not have big roof space and available unused land.  Though the construction might be more complex compared to the first 2 installations, it can let you transform a parking lot into an Asset that generates plenty of Green Energy.  Plus as an added benefit of creating shade to cars beneath.

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