Commercial solar power is more affordable and attractive than ever. Solar is a proven way to reduce your business’s electricity costs without affecting your day-to-day business operations. Most organisations are eligible for a Government Rebate of up to 50% on commercial solar installations. Solar for your organisation is a hassle free, low risk and high yield investment, with a potential ROI of up to 40%. Solar panels provide a guaranteed year-on-year output for up to 25 years.

We offers a range of solar financing options from capex, solar lease options and power purchase agreements. Some of our solutions can provide a discounted electricity tariff from Day 1 that requires no capital expenditure. Our consultants will work with you to help determine the right finance solution for your organisation.

  • PPA
  • No Upfront Costs

    • Only pay for the solar energy used
    • Discounted rate compared to grid tariff
    • Fixed term between 10 – 20 years
    • All O&M and insurance is included in the tariff
  • Limited Upfront Costs

    • Fixed monthly payments
    • Potentially cashflow positive from Q1
    • Fixed term
    • Own the system after the term
  • Greatest Savings

    • No ongoing payments
    • Payback between 3 – 6 years
    • Immediate ownership of system
    • Solar panels guaranteed for 25 years