Phone and Data Cabling

Professionally Installed Phone and Data Cabling

Having your phone and data cabling professionally done ensures that you don’t have to all your cabling under your desk tangled and looking messy. We can sort all that for you by making sure that everything is neat, tidy and laid out. When it comes to phone and data cabling, whether it’s for a residential property or a commercial property, we can provide a network map to trace where all your wires and cables go and belong.

Electrical and Data Linking

When it comes to electrical design and installation, R.T Projects have licensed and accredited technicians who can implement your phone and data systems into your home or workplace. Our qualified electricians can provide the following services:

  • Emergency Data Services
  • Site Linking Requirements
  • Electrical and Data Linking Requirements
  • Networking
  • Installation of Multiple Data Points
  • Direct Power Supplies
  • Data Wiring and Cabling
  • Automation
  • General Data Maintenance
  • Security
  • General Data
  • Speed Test
  • Patch Panel Works

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