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Getting Electrical Services

With the wide variety of electrical services that a licensed electrician can provide you, you may want to firstly get a quote for what you need before any work commences.

Few Things to Consider:

From our standpoint, we ensure that any electrical quotes that we do are as accurate and as clear as possible.

If you’re thinking about getting an electrical quote, here are some of the services that an accredited and licensed electrician can provide.

What Work Do You Require?

When advising us what electrical work you need to be completed, please let us know specifically and as much detail as you can on what you need to be completed.

For all electrical job requirements, it needs to be transcribed accurately so that we can provide you with a quote and a price that is agreed upon. In some cases, a quote is a commitment to what we provide to you as a service.

Do Electricians need a Valid License?

Yes. Our team are accredited and licensed.

All licensed electricians in Australia are required to hold a valid license to conduct any electrical work. It doesn’t matter how big or small the job is.

What about Certifications and Qualifications?

All our electricians hold the necessary certifications and qualifications when it comes to carrying out any electrical work.

What about Insurance Cover?

All our electricians have insurance and liability cover.

Does Electrical Work Comply with Australian Standards?

Our licensed electricians are able to identify the standards that apply to your particular electrical job. In Australia, the government has several standards to monitor and govern when it comes to electrical work quality that is conducted.

Want a Free Quote and Consultation?

At R.T Projects, we offer a free consultation for any electrical job. We provide transparent and honest discussion when it comes to our customers and there are no hidden costs. If you have some electrical work that you need to get done, contact us today on 03 9646 1239. 


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