R.T Projects performs an onsite inspection and provides a fully comprehensive proposal to all of our customers. Tony’s, curtain, blind and window furnishing company based in Williamstown, was costing $1200 per quarter in electricity bills. With the option of finance, Tony’s monthly payments are less than his pre-install electricity bills and with solar installed, Tony is now also saving $950 per quarter.

Tony Boyd – A&B Interiors

As Rene’s chosen electrician at Sunshine Roller Skating Centre, we have provided many electrical services and upgrades for Rene over the years. When Rene decided to have solar installed, his savings were instant. From $2000-$2500 per quarter, he now pays $600-$900 per quarter. “If anyone is thinking of getting solar… go ahead…if you can save money business wise or house wise, go ahead, do it!”

Rene Munoz – Sunshine Roller Skating Centre

We had the pleasure of working with Mr Hubbard to install his 110kW solar system. The business continued in full operation during the installation without interruption. At $5000 per month, Swift Group were the perfect candidate to have solar installed at their 2 sites! “Its winter at the moment, we reckon we’ve saved about 70% in power bills”

Phill Hubbard – Swift Group