Chandelier Installation

A chandelier can be a real jaw dropper when people enter your home. You can find chandeliers in both traditional and modern homes. When choosing a chandelier, consider the width and height of the area and ensure that your chandeliers are installed by a licenced electrician.

While chandeliers look fantastic in a room, this should not be your only source of light. Consider installing down lights either side of the chandelier for increased lighting and room functionality.


Because most chandeliers are installed over stairwells or in high ceilings, using cheap inefficient globes means that you will need to change the globes in the chandelier more regularly. Due to the position and height of your chandelier, you will either need to engage the services of an electrician each time or hire the relevant safety equipment to change the globe yourself. Installing LED globes means that the need to change the globes will be lessened exponentially

For all of your lighting needs, it is important to consider installing LED globes. LED lights will save you money and last 10 times longer than traditional globes.

Consider installing a dimmer to save energy and change the ambiance of the room.

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