Why R.T Projects?

Why Electrical Maintenance Is Important?

Electricity is one of the most important resources. No matter what kind of domestic, business, industrial or commercial property you run or take care of, electricity is essential and integral.

When running things efficiently, it’s important to ensure that all electrical systems are maintained properly and they’re safe and reliable.

What Do You Need?

With all electrical maintenance work, our team of professional electricians work all across Melbourne both on domestic electrical and commercial electrical work.

Why Hire an Accredited Licensed and Experienced Electrician?

When fixing electrical appliances, electrical wiring or electrical outlets, you do need an accredited, qualified and licensed electrician.

Our professional electricians can install all electrical systems and appliances, run cables and do all the quality checks that are required to ensure that all your appliances are safe.

Ethical Work Code

When it comes to the Australian electrical work code, we ensure that we comply and check that your construction complies with relevant regulations.

Our entire work regime complies with quality standards as well as AS/NZS 3000:2007 Wiring Rules. We’re a certified team of PV Solar Power Installers that are recognised by the Clean Energy Council.

How Do We Work?

Our years of experience and expertise in electrical installations and maintenance work in domestic, commercial and solar, we combine a traditional and personal approach to business.

With the use of power-efficient equipment during your electrical job, we help to preserve the environment whilst saving you on high expenses.

Several Good Reasons:
  • A fixed-price quote is reasonable and competitive. You have the utmost peace of mind.
  • Always here for our customers at any hour of the clock.
  • We’re punctual with our on-site assistance. You’ll be sure to admire our prompt service.
  • Keep ourselves engaged in follow-up routines in order to ensure customers’ satisfaction.
Make an Online Booking

Making an online booking via our website is easy and convenient. Fill in all your details and one of our team members will review your requirements or call us today on 1300 776 353.


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