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Solar Payback Period

Solar PV System is an investment and like any other investment, the key to its value is the size of its return and how quick it can recover its outlay. This is one of the questions people often ask before investing in Solar PV.


As the saying goes, you always get what you pay for, so if you are looking for cheap deals you shouldn’t expect good quality! Same goes with Cheap Solar Panels being advertised everywhere. People are usually deceived with these cheap advertisements promising a quality experience. In the end, they lose money because although the initial investment may be low, the long-term effect will ultimately be more expensive for the buyer.


If you want to get the best results for your solar investment, there are Energy Efficiency factors that you need to consider in the design of your Solar PV System to get the maximum energy you can get with your investment.
Accredited Solar Installer

The Importance of Having an Accredited Solar Installer

As solar PV system is becoming more affordable and accessible now more than ever, it is important to choose a reputable solar installer. As solar is gaining more popularity with businesses and residential customers alike, the prevalence of installation companies offering this service is increasing to meet the demand. But not all solar installers can provide the expertise, high-quality workmanship and reliable customer support to ensure a safe and efficiently performing system that provides the highest return on investment.

Solar Investment: How it increases your Home Value

Solar is a very good investment for your home. It is one of the few investments you can make that pay for itself over time. And Unlike other investments, you start enjoying the returns from day 1. Aside from all the other benefits like Solar government rebates, subsidies and incentives, feed in tariff, lower monthly energy bill, it can also increase the value of your home.
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Why your business should Go Solar?

As a business owner who is trying to grow a business, one of your top priorities is to be able to lessen the growing cost of business expenses. Going solar is one of the ways that business owners are looking into but since installing Solar Energy Systems seems to be a risky move for a business, more often business owners seem to set this decision aside because of the thought that it might not yet be feasible for the business.
kids energy tips
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Energy Saving Tips -Teaching Kids to be Energy Efficient

When deciding to be Energy Efficient in our homes, it should be a responsibility shared together as a family. As parents, it is our responsibility to teach our children as early as possible the value of taking care of our environment.
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Understanding Energy Efficiency

Because of the rising cost of everyday living, everyone is in search of ways to cut costs and be protected from the rising utility expenses. Saving money is one of the most talked about subjects in households and businesses of today. But before deciding to do any energy efficiency upgrades, let’s get a better understanding of the factors that contribute to Energy Efficiency. The potential return when making the decision to implement energy upgrades is highly dependent on a few significant contributing factors.
Solar Power Melbourne

Solar might be the answer to crippling power bills

Power bills are soaring across Australia, but in remote areas with extremes of temperature the cost can be cripplingly high. In Walgett in far north west NSW, temperatures can dip to below zero in winter and climb to over 50 degrees Celsius in summer making it expensive to heat and cool homes. "You pay a lot of money for the power, it's hurting a lot of people," said local elder Clem Dodd. Fears are growing among elders that people in poorly insulated and poorly equipped housing are descending further into poverty.

A Major Breakthrough That Could Put Solar Power Anywhere. Worth checking.

A new type of electrode developed by researchers at RMIT University has the potential to not only boost the capacity of existing energy storage technologies by 3000 per cent, but it opens the door to the development of flexible, thin film, all-in-one solar capture and storage. We're talking the means to self-powering smart phones, laptops, cars and buildings. And it has all been inspired by a plant. The new electrode is designed to work with supercapacitors, which can charge and discharge power much faster than conventional batteries. Supercapacitors have been combined with solar, but their wider use as a storage solution is restricted because of their limited capacity.