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Understanding the warranty offered by a solar installation company is crucial in choosing the right Solar Installer.

When it comes to warranty, this is one of the most important things that you need when comparing solar proposals.

There are 2 types of warranties that the solar installers offer. Product Warranty and Performance Warranty.

Product Warranty

Product Warranty covers the integrity of the panel. Any defect in materials, manufacturing and premature wear and tear is covered by the warranty. Most solar panel manufacturers warrant that their solar panels and will not fail for at least 10-12 years with some even extending to 25 years. Remember, the longer the warranty period is, the more advantageous it is to you as a customer.

Performance Warranty

Performance Warranty, on the other hand, this warranty covers the degradation rate of power output the panel can provide over time. A common practice in the solar energy industry is guaranteeing that the panels will produce electricity at 80-90% of their power output ratings. This means that the manufacturer guarantees that the panel will not lose 10-20% of their power output capacity over the 25-year period.

How long are our warranties?

Our inverter warranties are between 5-10 years with solar panels having a 25-year performance warranty.

If you have any questions at all or you would like to discuss more how we can help you with your solar requirements, speak to one of our professional and accredited Solar Installer experts on 03 9646 1239 to understand your requirements further.



Rohan Thomas is the Director of R.T Projects and manage all major solar and electrical projects. Not only has Rohan been in the Solar Industry for over 10 years but he has managed large scale solar and electrical projects and understands the work required. Rohan is an accredited Clean Energy Council Solar Installer and Designer as well as holding a Battery Design & Install License.

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