caution-solarAs the saying goes, you always get what you pay for, so if you are looking for cheap deals you shouldn’t expect good quality!

Same goes with Cheap Solar Panels being advertised everywhere. People are usually deceived with these cheap advertisements promising a quality experience. In the end, they lose money because although the initial investment may be low, the long-term effect will ultimately be more expensive for the buyer.

You only have to turn on your Television to find commercial after commercial promising big savings far cheaper than the next! THIS kind of advertising should be ringing alarm bells! Just because they are the cheapest, this does not mean a great deal, this almost always means poor quality materials!

Or maybe they are offering 5Kw Systems at bargain prices, so you take them up on their 3Kw Special only to find when you receive your next electricity bill that you are not saving much on your bills at all, you then find out that a 3Kw system is not big enough for your usage! This very scenario is how these gimmicks work. What happens next? You have to spend more money to get a bigger system at full price, short term out of pocket costs low, long term costs blown out. In fact, it is one of the most effective marketing strategies companies use to get a lot of inquiries and unfortunately the very same that give Solar a bad name

People love a bargain, we love discounted products, we love red tags and sales and everything that would make us feel we get the most out of our money but most of the time it is the other way around.

If you type “cheap solar” in Google, you will immediately be flooded with lots of very catchy advertisements like 5kW system for $4,000 and because the price is way cheaper than the quality 5KW installation that will cost you around $6000-$9000, many resort to these cheap deals and end up losing more!

So, the big question is, how are these companies able to offer very cheap Systems?

The Devil is in the fine print” They advertise genuine Tier 1 panels and a top inverter and in their conditions of sale they reserve the right to swap out the inverter and panels for “equivalents” then install a poor-quality inverter and panels instead.

A good quality panel will last 30 years but poor-quality materials will need replacement in 2 years or sometimes less.

Installing a poor-quality inverter on the other hand will usually need replacement in 3 years or less and you can’t claim for warranty on it because they will blame the failure on grid spikes so it won’t qualify for the warranty. And that’s another $1500+ for a new inverter.

Always read any fine print and ask as many questions as you need to. A qualified and honest installation company will be upfront and very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of your proposed system

The Up-sell technique” They advertise for Low price solar without putting the brand, when the customer inquires, the solar company upsell the potential buyer for better hardware and the end result, the customer pays higher than what was originally advertised.

Unlicensed Technicians”. This is scary and a sure recipe for disaster. And of course, they’re not going to tell you about using unlicensed technicians but in-order for them to be able to offer a very low price, they use unlicensed technicians for wiring switchboards, this is illegal

So if you are thinking of going solar and you want to make sure that your decision will make you happy for decades to come and give you a well optimized return on your investment, here are the things you must consider:

  • Quality panels, inverters, racking, wires and isolators. Quality materials are vital if you are to reap the rewards that Solar Systems have to offer. Poorly manufactured materials simply don’t have the longevity that Tier 1 panels do, ultimately compromising your systems overall efficiency and therefore money you should be saving; Isn’t saving money a big part of the reason you decided to look into solar?
  • It must be installed by a trained and licensed electrician who is PVC accredited
  • Solid and transparent warranties

Why choose RT Projects?

  • RT Projects only use high quality products and materials.
  • We are fully trained and licenced PVC solar installer and designers (in the industry for 10 years)
  • We provide a fully comprehensive no obligation proposal outlining exactly what materials we will be using for your solar installation as well as what your projected savings will be so that you can make an informed decision. No fine print clauses
  • We offer free 24-hour support to all of our customers

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