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Why your business should Go Solar?

As a business owner who is trying to grow a business, one of your top priorities is to be able to lessen the growing cost of business expenses.

Going solar is one of the ways that business owners are looking into but since installing Solar Energy Systems seems to be a risky move for a business, more often business owners seem to set this decision aside because of the thought that it might not yet be feasible for the business.

But Solar isn’t just for Fortune 500 companies any more. Businesses of all sizes are now capitalizing on the financial opportunities of installing solar as a strategic decision that guarantees a solid financial return for the business.


It’s now time to look into the numbers, and see how this financial decision can benefit your business.


According to our data, an average commercial property owner is paying around $1900-$2000 monthly, and more in electricity bills before going solar, however after installation, their electricity bill was significantly reduced to approximately 75%.


Our customer’s testimonials are solid evidence of this.



While buying and installing solar today has dropped considerably in price, electricity prices continue to rise, making solar installation more attractive to business owners.


But this decrease in installation and material costs of solar are not the only reason for your business to go solar.


There’s more!


Other factors include Upfront rebates based on STC’s or revenue from Large Scale Generation Certificates that can help with the costs. And in some case, your business may be eligible for tax incentives.

Some companies are able to deduct up to 80% of the value of their solar asset from their taxes, providing another significant offset to the upfront cost of the system.


Beyond the direct short term financial benefits of installing Solar, it can also help your business hedge against electricity price volatility and inflation.


By installing solar, your business will be able to lock in electricity prices and reduce reliance on unpredictable expenses which in this economy, is important for the budget of your business.



If paying upfront is not an option for your business, not to worry because there are financing options available including solar loans, leases or PPA.


Aside from that when you decide to go Solar, you are also supporting the local economy. When a business contracts with a local solar company, its helps the economy.

Solar Panel Systems are indeed a smart capital investment for every business. They have short payback periods, provide steady financial returns and help the business owner hedge against rising energy prices.


For more information on how your business can benefit by going solar, contact us and we can do a free evaluation and estimate.



Rohan Thomas is the Director of R.T Projects and manage all major solar and electrical projects. Not only has Rohan been in the Solar Industry for over 10 years but he has managed large scale solar and electrical projects and understands the work required. Rohan is an accredited Clean Energy Council Solar Installer and Designer as well as holding a Battery Design & Install License.

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