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When deciding to be Energy Efficient in our homes, it should be a responsibility shared together as a family. As parents, it is our responsibility to teach our children as early as possible the value of taking care of our environment.

Teaching kids to take part in our energy saving efforts is an important factor and can be fun too!

So instead of nagging them to turn off the lights, conserve water and turn the tv off when no one is watching, teach them the principles of energy efficiency and instill it in them… it really makes a lasting impact.

Here are some Energy Saving tips you can teach your kids that can be fun for both of you.

Educate kids Knowing how energy is created and what goes into creating it, is the first step in understanding why we need to conserve it. Create activities like reading books or have the kids watch videos about energy and how its created. It will be a fun activity that kids would love and at the same time they would appreciate the value of energy so they won’t waste it.

Identify the things that rarely get used but still plugged in Have an activity for your kids to take inventory of your house. Get them to identify the things that are plugged in, what gets used and how often it is used and what’s not being used but remained plugged in and just wasting energy. Let them come up with their ideas on how to eliminate the waste of energy. Ignite the genius in them!

Go electricity-free once a week This can be a really fun adventure for small children. You can make an electricity-free fun family outdoor activity with your kids once a week and enjoy the outdoors, cuddle up for some story telling or play some board games. The kids will enjoy these activities and learn about energy conservation without even realizing it!

Going outside more Spending more time outdoors with the family can be fun whilst being energy efficient and educational for kids. Take them to local parks and nature reserves, ride bikes as a family. You’re not only letting your kids experience nature but also saving energy.

Involve kids in energy saving projects Let your kids help you in the garden or instead of using the dryer, hang the washing up outside on the line on a sunny day and explain to the kids how this saves energy.

Include your kids in energy saving efforts If one of your energy saving efforts at home is timing your showers, time theirs too! Make it a race to see who finishes their shower with the least time and reward them with a treat or a reward.

Energy Monitor Give your child or children the task of being the Energy Efficiency Monitor. Their job is to ensure all energy within the house is being used efficiently, like turning off lights when they’re not being used, dripping taps, electronics left on, cords still plugged in when no one is using and have them exercise their authority to warn, remind family members who do not follow the household rules.

Toothy Tunes Encourage kids to turn off the tap when they are brushing their teeth and help them hum 2 minutes of their favorite song.

Screen Free Time Limit screen time during the School week. It will not only save energy but also encourage your child to play games, read a book or use their imagination.

Energy Lessons After your Energy efficiency efforts with your kids, you can use your electricity bills to compare the costs before and after. This will show them the difference that their cooperation was made.

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Rohan Thomas is the Director of R.T Projects and manage all major solar and electrical projects. Not only has Rohan been in the Solar Industry for over 10 years but he has managed large scale solar and electrical projects and understands the work required. Rohan is an accredited Clean Energy Council Solar Installer and Designer as well as holding a Battery Design & Install License.

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