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The Importance of Having an Accredited Solar Installer

As solar PV system is becoming more affordable and accessible now more than ever, it is important to choose a reputable solar installer. As solar is gaining more popularity with businesses and residential customers alike, the prevalence of installation companies offering this service is increasing to meet the demand.

But not all solar installers can provide the expertise, high-quality workmanship and reliable customer support to ensure a safe and efficiently performing system that provides the highest return on investment.

So here are a few suggestions to help you make an educated decision when choosing your solar installation company.

  1. Recommendations, Reviews and Testimonials

A good way to begin the process is to consider reading consumer and customer reviews and testimonials of installers who serve in your area.

They are a great way to determine which companies have provided satisfactory experiences.

The Ratings can speak volumes in customer satisfaction and can provide insight to the Companies level of integrity and dedication to customer satisfaction.

You might also ask a friend, neighbor, family member or co-worker about their experiences with their installers and ask for recommendations.

  1. Multiple quotes

 Requesting several quotes from several solar installation companies does not only give you the freedom of comparing prices but at the same time, it can also reveal how responsive a company is, which may give you a good idea of how they work as a company. Obtaining these quotes is also a great opportunity to ask about what materials each company use. Sometimes the price might be right but the materials used are of poor quality or perhaps the price is much cheaper but the system they are providing is not sufficient to make a difference in your before and after. These are all questions that you should ask with each quote that you obtain.

It also shows the company’s more personal interest in their customers which is a very important factor in choosing a business to deal with.

  1. Look for a Licensed, Certified and Accredited Solar Installer.

Aside from good reviews and recommendations, by far the most important factor to consider in having a solar installation is to deal with a licensed and accredited solar installer.

Beware of some solar startup companies who do not have full time Licensed Master Electricians and Certified Solar Installers. Which can compromise the quality of your installation.

Be sure to check that the company you are dealing with is a registered business, with licensed    electricians and certified solar installers and not just some company who subcontract the       installation to a low cost, fly-by-night installer.

An installation completed by a high quality, trained professional will save you more money than a quick buck you may save dealing with an unlicensed electrician/installer.

So, what does it take to be an Accredited Clean Energy Council Installer?

  • Must a be licensed A Grade electrician
  • Must have completed a certified training course and pass the assessment under the National Training Scheme.
  • Must have submitted case studies and completed on-going professional development training to retain their accreditation.
  • Must have Public Liability Insurance

License, accreditation and certification assures you that your solar is installed carefully and correctly. This also means that the installer has met the strict eligibility requirement and training and passed a thorough background check as well.

  1. Service Commitment

If your system is installed by an Accredited Solar installer, you can be assured that the installation performed is done so following the strict Australian Standards and guidelines set by the Clean Energy Council.

All Australian Solar Installation carried out by an accredited installer must meet the                                following Australian Standards.

  • AS477 Grid-connections of energy systems via inverters
  • AS/NZS 3000 Electrical wiring rules
  • AS 1768 Lightning protection
  • AS/NZS 1170.2 Wind loads
  • AS/NZS 5033 Installation of photovoltaic (PV) array
  1. Product Standards and Warranties.

The products like Solar PV Panels and inverters to be used in the installations must be      approved products that meet the standards of Clean Energy Council.

This is also another advantage of choosing a reputable, accredited Solar installer. You can be assured that the products they will give you have passed the Councils Standards and warranties and are expected to last as per warrantied time.

Furthermore, if materials used by your chosen installer are not on the Approved list under Australian Standards, your system will not be approved with your provider, which means you will not be able to reap the benefits of the solar system on your roof. This is common practice with some solar companies and causes a lot of drama from you the consumer.

Power output or performance warranties on Panels often last 25-35 years and Inverters generally 5-10 years for central inverters and 25 years for micro-inverters.

  1. Government Incentives

Lastly, to qualify for government incentives, your system must be installed by a professional Accredited Installer recognized by the Clean Energy Council.

The RTP advantage

RT Projects are certified solar designer and installation experts, servicing families and companies Australia wide for 10 years now. RTP was founded and operated by Rohan Thomas, a licensed electrician and Certified Clean Energy Council Installer. We are a family owned company and we take each project with commitment and dedication to deliver the highest quality of workmanship and  after care support.

For more information about our company and what our customers have to say, visit us at



Rohan Thomas is the Director of R.T Projects and manage all major solar and electrical projects. Not only has Rohan been in the Solar Industry for over 10 years but he has managed large scale solar and electrical projects and understands the work required. Rohan is an accredited Clean Energy Council Solar Installer and Designer as well as holding a Battery Design & Install License.

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